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Thin Red Line is a powerful 4-volume study that engages participants in tracing God’s plan of redemption. Using a chronological storying approach, participants develop the framework to connect the “thin red line” throughout all of Scripture. Written as a 52-week study, this transformational curriculum is broken down into 4 volumes that can be used independently or consecutively. Volume 1 covers redemption, in the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy), Volume 2 covers redemption, from Joshua to the end of the Old Testament, Volume 3 covers redemption, through the Gospels, and Volume 4 covers redemption, Acts through the end of the New Testament. Learn how in purchasing the Thin Red Line curriculum and this small make up bag from WorldCrafts, you’re partnering with us to help bring sustainable income and hope to women of Bangladesh.

Thin Red Line Bookmark

Use this handy bookmark to save your place while reading the Thin Red Line series by Kimberly Sowell and provide a light of hope for beggar girls in Bangladesh. The Light of Hope center is a day shelter that gives impoverished girls education, life skills, health care, and moral training. Measures 1.75-by-7 inches.

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