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“A Husband’s Christmas Prayer” Book Club Guide

Use these questions written by the author with your small group or book club to engage with the content and get the conversation started. To learn more about A Husband’s Christmas Prayer click here.

Discussion Points:

  1. When you first met Paul in the prologue and realized he was a pastor, what was your initial reaction to his thoughts and concerns?
  2. As you began to know more about Paul, how did your opinion of him change?
  3. What drew you to Diana—and what might have turned you away?
  4. Do you think readers’ reactions to Diana might differ, depending on whether or not the reader is a pastor’s wife?
  5. Even if you are not a pastor’s wife, how did getting to know Diana help you better relate to other pastors’ wives you might know? What glaring similarities or differences did you notice between Diana and the real-life pastors’ wives you know?
  6. Whether a pastor’s wife or not, were you able to relate to Diana’s busyness as a wife and mother of two small children? Have you ever struggled with that sort of busyness? If so, how did/do you cope?
  7. Have you ever had to change churches and/or homes and communities, leaving behind those you dearly loved and moving on to others with which you felt no ties or familiarity? How did that affect you and the rest of your family?
  8. If you’ve been through that sort of an uprooting at some point in your life, how would you advise others facing such a challenge? What would you say was your greatest point of learning or growth that came out of that change?
  9. Though Paul was busy with his new but growing congregation, what were your feelings toward him as a husband and father?
  10. Considering how Paul finally came to the realization that he had left Diana out of a major decision in their lives, what situations of your own come to mind? When and how did God bring you to a point of recognizing that you may have rushed ahead with a decision without praying and waiting on Him, and/or without properly consulting others involved in the situation? Or perhaps you were the one who should have been consulted but weren’t. If so, how have you dealt with possible feelings of resentment?

Prayer/Action Points:

  1. In light of the circumstances surrounding Paul and Diana’s family and ministry, how would you have prayed for them if you knew them and were aware of their situation?
  2. Piggybacking on that last question, how can you use what you’ve learned from this book to help you pray more effectively for others?
  3. If, after examining your own heart, you find there are unresolved issues of resentment due to someone not including you in decision-making that directly affected you, how will you pray now to finally get it resolved? Do you have a trusted prayer partner who might help you pray effectively about this? If not, are you open to asking God to help you find someone to pray with on a regular basis?
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