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The Most Important First Step in Spiritual Intimacy

The most important first step in spiritual intimacy related to this issue of praying Scripture together is to make the decision together to step onto the path. There may be some fear from having tried and failed in various attempts to discover true spiritual connection in your marriage.  Perhaps there is some embarrassment that whispers in your heart that prayer and spiritual life is a private thing. You probably do not have to look very far around your life to realize there are troubles, trials, and even sins. You may feel that God views you as disqualified from praying to Him, let alone praying to Him out loud with your spouse.

Despite such roadblocks and others, God can bless a simple, childlike step of faith in the right direction. In fact, that may exactly be what He is asking of you—a first step in a hopeful direction. Intimacy in marriage is to be holistic—spiritual, emotional, and physical.

Apology as an expression of repentance may also be a part of this first step toward your spouse and together before the Lord. There is a huge difference between conviction and condemnation. Conviction is from the Holy Spirit and is purposed as a good thing to move us toward healing, restoration, and reconciliation. Condemnation is from the enemy of our soul. It is designed to defeat and convince us that we are not worthy and things will never change—we should just give up and give in! Be careful who you listen to! While these things may feel similar remember, God is not in the condemnation business—“there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1 ESV).

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