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Let’s Talk Leadership

New Hope® Publishers announces the release of Around the Table: Practical Advice for Effective Women Leaders by Dr. Linda M. Clark. Around the Table is a complete resource guide for every leadership question you have. Based on a survey of nearly 200 women leaders, this book offers a wide variety of leadership principles specific to women and their unique leadership situations. The question-and-answer format makes the material easy to use and reference as your leadership context and challenges change. With something for every woman, Around the Table offers content that represents varying backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, and leadership experiences that is applicable to both professional and nonprofessional women alike.

“People who write leadership books need to first lead in some significant setting. Linda Clark has done that—making a profound difference training women’s ministry leaders across the United States. Over the years, she’s received hundreds of questions about women’s ministry. Linda has compiled her answers in this practical guide to answer your real-life questions about women’s ministry. Read it, apply it, and increase your effectiveness as a leader.” —Jeff Iorg, president, Gateway Seminary

“In Around the Table: Practical Advice for Effective Women Leaders, Linda Clark offers useful and timely advice for women in leadership. As Linda shares from her own experiences, readers will feel as if they are sitting down, having a cup of coffee, and discussing some of the top issues that women in leadership face. They will be encouraged and equipped to lead in a godly and effective way in whatever leadership role they may find themselves.” —Allison Kinion, director of women’s missions and ministry, State Convention of Baptists in Indiana

Around the Table reveals a long-time leader’s great passion for encouraging and equipping other leaders. Linda writes conversationally and clearly; and the question-and-answer format flows well. There is much practical advice in Around the Table—it will be a helpful resource for every woman’s leadership library.” —Gary Yochum, ministry coordinator, Southeastern Indiana Baptist Association

Dr. Linda M. Clark is passionate about women and what affects their lives. So much so that she earned her master’s and doctorate degrees in women’s studies from Trinity Theological Seminary in Indiana. While her research and projects played important roles in her life, it was the personal observations and conversations along the way that shaped her interest in women’s issues such as leadership. Her materials have been used in leadership courses while she herself has taught women principles for effective leadership. Linda and her husband, Jan, now call Indiana home.

The mission of New Hope® Publishers is to provide books that challenge readers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God. New Hope Publishers is the general trade publishing division for WMU®, a missions auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention. New Hope Publishers is a member of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA).

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