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New Hope Digital Art Forum: Is It Yours?

by David Dinkins

Title: Is It Yours?

© 2012 by David Dinkins

Artist’s description: This piece communicates the idea of having a faith that is authentically all your own. Each person represents a generation that has embraced their own faith and relationship with God, but this faith was not inherited from the previous generation. It has to be personal. So the newest generation must ask themselves, what does this spiritual life mean to me? Question: Is your faith authentically your own, or are you just following tradition? Please see the New Hope Digital Art Forum Archive for past works of art.

The first chapter of REAL: Owning Your Christian Faith by Daniel Darling is available as a free download.

Thoughtful comments, ideas, and questions regarding the art are welcome in the comments section below.

Contact: Email David Dinkins at or friend him on Facebook.

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