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Let It Shine!

Let It Shine!


Martha Singleton and Greg Singleton

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Partnering with God to Raise World Changers
by Martha Singleton and Greg Singleton

The world into which our children are called to bring a lifetime of light is inundated with darkness, and the parental inclination is to protect them. Though the intentions might be positive, sometimes our instructions and boundaries are motivated by fear, and can actually hinder our children from maturing in their own exciting spiritual adventures.

In answering the high calling of parenting, we may find that God’s goals for our children are focused in a surprisingly different direction from what we have assumed. Let It Shine! is a Scripture-based study exploring specific attitudes and practices that enable parents to encourage each child to discover and develop his or her personal, God-given purpose. Rather than hiding out in the safety and limitations of the bunkers we sometimes tend to create, our children can become adept at using their gifts and abilities as God intends.

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About the Authors

Martha and Greg Singleton have, for 30 years, met the challenges of balancing successful careers and raising a faith-filled family, and in the process, have gained some valuable insights.

Martha SingletonChosen as one of Texas’s Top Ten Teachers by the University of Texas, Martha was also named by the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund and the Wall Street Journal as one of four Distinguished Newspaper Advisers in America in 2007. Since 1972, Martha has built some of the nation’s most highly acclaimed scholastic journalism programs. Martha is a past recipient of the Edith Fox King Award for Outstanding Teaching and Service to Texas Journalism Education, and served as the president of the Texas Association of Journalism Educators. Martha was appointed to the Texas State Textbook Selection Committee, and was nominated to the San Antonio Women’s Hall of Fame in the Education category. She is a noted speaker at journalism conferences and workshops across the country, including Columbia University’s annual scholastic journalism convention. She also serves on the Board of Judges for Columbia University’s scholastic press association.

Greg SingletonDeveloping focus and strategies for companies across the country, Greg has structured a successful career in marketing and public relations. He has been a partner for the past 20 years in a consulting firm that has provided creative sales and marketing direction for numerous companies across the country. During his career, he has generated projects with such entities as ABC Sports, ESPN, Miss USA pageants, General Electric, Promise Keepers and the United States Football League.

The Singletons have been featured speakers at family life conferences, seminars, workshops, churches of various denominations, schools, organizations and businesses.

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