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“Your Pain is Changing You” Group Guide

  • The author talks about having “skin in the game” as we present the good news. In what ways can we have “skin in the game” with the people we are trying to reach? Why is it crucial to not only share, but to be invested?
  • Do you ever feel as if God is not present in your suffering? How does Jesus’ death on the Cross demonstrate otherwise?
  • “Pain will change you more profoundly than success or good fortune.” Have you found this to be true in your life? Why does pain do this to us?
  • Why is it far easier to blame God for the suffering in the world? Why do we not take responsibility at times for the pain we induce?
  • In the author’s example of Cora, he describes Cora praying for him in the ICU. He says, “Followers of Jesus learn to care for others when they themselves are hurting.” How does
    this reaction reorient you during your painful events?
  • “Pain has the potential to narrow life down to a single interest or event.” Why is pain so
    difficult to move past and see beyond?
  • The author talks about patience amidst the suffering. He says, “Be patient, friend! In tribulation, God is accomplishing His work in you.” What concepts or biblical principles allow you to have patience in these moments?
  • In our guilt attached to our suffering, why is God’s forgiveness the only real cure?
  • What has been your prayer experience during suffering or pain? Does the author’s encouragement to pray the desires of your heart echo your experience?
  • How does prayer change you?
  • If amidst our pain, prayers, and sufferings, God’s answer is not our heart’s desire, how do
    we respond (or how have we responded)?
  • How does the understanding that suffering will come change our perspective when it does
    come our way?
  • How has your pain or suffering changed or shaped you to be who you are today?
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